Creation of  Website and routine maintenance to said website

Editing and updating Websites on your behalf to include specials, events, original blogs, photos and links.

Edits and updates to Websites depending on the season/holiday.

Owning a website is a big responsibility, it's not only important to have updated content but you also need to make sure that everything runs smoothly. At DesignByE our website maintenance includes:

  • Website Functionality: Image, form and link reviews, we make sure that nothing is broken. And if it is, no problem, we can fix it!
  • Website Updates: Keep your website up to date with new information, products or features. If you have a new campaign that you want to push out for the season, or you have new services or products in your store, we make sure your website is up to date!
  • Website Usability: Testing and adjusting if needed of your website usability. It also includes mobile and navigational usability as well as content readability.
  • SEO maintenance: Keywords and meta tags review so they are optimized for search engines. 
  • Google Search Console and Google Business: Sitemap.xml & Robots.txt file updates, Crawl errors, Google Business verification and updates