Whether you need help designing your next logo, coming up with a brand theme or just creating some print material to present to your prospective clients; Design By E has all kinds of design solutions for your small to large size business.

At Design By E  we take the time to learn about your business, your competition and your budget before we begin. The discovery process is important because it helps us analyze the surrounding market and help you figure how to stand out.

We want that whatever is created for you is exactly what you want and is what your business needs. Design By E likes to keep you in the loop of things, so we will send you updates of drafts as we make them. This is very unique to our design studio because instead of just showing you finished products, we make you part of the process. You are involved and we will ensure your satisfaction with our work. Most bargain online agencies don’t have the ability to offer these kinds of processes.

Because of our strong background in marketing and design, we are able to create anything from contemporary pieces to classic ones. We want your vision to come through and we accomplish this through collaboration and our expertise.

Design By E can assist you with:

  1. Business Cards

  2. Brochures

  3. Postcards

  4. Ad Development and Design

  5. PDF file creation

  6. Forms

  7. Business Presentations 

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